GFA Digital

About the project

GFA Digital is Georgian Farmers’ Association’s digital platforms hub, which unites 7 digital projects. Our strategy focuses on sustainability of each one.

Our projects


Agronavti is a digital platform for agripreneurs and farmers, which helps them plan and manage their agribusinesses. Agronavti offers innovative and effective solutions based on market trends and ensures a profitable decision-making process.


Agroskills is a platform which was created according to the deficit of competitive and qualified personnel on the market. The main goal of the digital platform is to develop vocational education.  On you can take online VET courses and get a certificate.

03. is a pilot project, which was implemented in scope of the EU and United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) “Smart VIllage Programme”. In the first step, the food and agricultural sector of Dedoplistskaro Municipality was digitized. Now this process is underway all over Georgia. Digital platform supports the farmers in establishing contacts and mutual agreements.

05. is a platform, which aims to connect employers and people who are willing to start a job in the agricultural sector.

06. is the first agritourism platform in South Caucasia, which suggests travelers visit and
spend holidays in the countryside, combining agricultural and touristic environments. Agritourism
industry, despite the fact that it is one of the best ways of recreation, creates new jobs, develops
economics, protects ecology and stimulates competitive business markets.


Official platform of Georgian Farmers’ association.